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The 80th summer meeting of the

Fabio M. Dalla Vecchia asked me to pass this information to the list:

Dear colleagues,
>on  September 6-8th 2000 there will be the 80th summer meeting of the
Italian Geological Society in Trieste (NE Italy). The title of the meeting
is "Between Alps, Dinarids and Adriatic sea".
> One of the sessions is dedicate to "Reptiles of the Periadriatic Carbonate 
>Platforms", therefore concerns our field of research ("reptiles" means
both footprints and bones). One session is devoted to novelties about Adria
Plate and here too paleontologists working on Austrian, Rumanian, Polish,
Balcanian in general etc. fossils can give a contribute.
I think it could be a chance to expose the results of our researches and
their paleogeographic, paleoenvironmental and stratigraphic implications
(sometimes revolutionary)to the vaste audience of the geologists, often
unaware of them.

For more info, see the web site: 
or contact directly the President of the meeting, prof. G.B.Carulli
e-mail: carulli@univ.trieste.it
>(deadline for the first communication of interest: December 15th)

>Fabio M. Dalla Vecchia

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