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Re: Interesting book- includes elephant taphonomy

In a message dated 12/12/99 10:18:02 AM Pacific Standard Time, 
dtanke@dns.magtech.ab.ca writes:

<<  Because of the large number of pictures, this book is an excellent source 
of information on Elephant carcass taphonomic processes. I am surprised it 
has not been cited (at least I've never seen it) within the paleontological 
community and thus bring it to your attention.  >>

  This book was used as a reference at the South Dakota School of Mines and 
Tech while researching the Lange-Ferguson mammoth site. It is indeed an 
excellent, if serendipitous, source of taphonomic information. Another book 
by Beard of interest would be _The Eyelids of Morning_ which deals with 
crocodiles. There is a classic photo of Beard after he stuffed half of 
himself down the gullet of a huge dead Nile croc. Talk about getting into 
your work! Sorry. Dan Varner.