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> >>I'm looking for the most up-to-date general overview
> on the dinosauria - would this be it? [The Complete Dinosaur]<<
> Not really.  The section on theropods is very sparce, although the
> ornithscians and sauropods are well-represented.  Dinosaurs: a Global
> View, by S&S Czerkas



The text Czerkas & Czerkas book is very out of date: I would only recommend
it for the art.

The current best overviews of dinosaurs available are probably the Complete
Dinosaur, Currie & Padian's Encyclopedia of Dinosaurs, and Dingus & Rowe's
The Mistaken Extinction.  If you can find the Academic Edition of the
latter, get it: it comes with a CD-Rom (The Age of Dinosaurs) which includes
what is probably the best available summary of phylogenetic relationships
among dinosaurs (and of the position of dinosaurs within vertebrates).

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