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Gobi digs and other things

I was just wondering...
how on earth does one prepare for a dig to the gobi, or some other far away, harsh environment?
I was thinking I should exercise a lot, and probably try to eat a really healthy diet to build up endurance and just try and get healthier...
But is that all one can do?
Are there any specific foods or exercises or other things I should do if I plan on going on a dino/prehistoriclifeform dig out in the middle of nowhere?
I figure it's best to start working on this now :) that way I'll have plenty of time to be in shape and all that so I'll eventually be able to go on a dig..
Has anyone here ever been to the gobi?
If so, what's it like?
are there any other out of the way, sorta "wild/nautral" places like the gobi that could possibly have fossils?
Thanks :) :)
-Jessica W.

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