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Re: legal names

In a message dated 12/13/99 2:57:09 PM EST, jdaniel@aristotle.net writes:

<< So what are the rules governing this and where can I get a copy of the 
ICZN rules? >>

In the USA, write to

American Association for Zoological Nomenclature
c/o National Museum of Natural History
Washington, DC 20560

Regarding publication of taxa, the Code does not specify peer review or any 
of that other romantic stuff. That stuff only helps in getting your new taxa 
accepted by the scientific community at large. Article 8 specifies what is 
meant by publication according to the Code:

(1) it must be issued publicly for the purpose of providing a permanent 
scientific record;
(2) it must be obtainable, when first issued, free of charge or by purchase, 
(3) it must have been produced in an edition containing simultaneously 
obtainable copies by a method that assures numerous identical copies.

Article 9 specifies what does not constitute publication:

(1) after 1930 handwriting reproduced as such by some mechanical or graphic 
(2) photographs as such except for microcards and microfiche in works issued 
after 1985;
(3) photocopies as such (e.g., electrostatic or xerographic reproductions) 
unless such a method is used to produce a work first issued after 1985 that 
satisfies the criteria of Article 8;
(4) microfilm;
(5) proof sheets;
(6) computer printouts as such;
(7) acoustic recordings as such made by any method;
(8) distribution only to colleagues or students of a note, even if printed, 
in explanation of an accompanying illustration;
(9) labelling of a specimen;
(10) mention at a meeting; or
(11) deposit of a document (e.g., a thesis) in a collection of documents, a 
library, or other archive.

(Incidentally, all issues of Mesozoic Meanderings meet the ICZN requirements 
for publication and are proper scientific publications.)