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Re: Dinosaur Genera List corrections #127

In a message dated 12/13/99 10:41:39 PM EST, tmk@dinosaur.umbc.edu writes:

<< > Altispinax lydekkeri-huenensis Pickering, 1984 vide Pickering, 1995
 > Altispinax lydekkerhueneorum Pickering, 1994 vide Pickering, 1995 
 > to spelling of preceding)
 Is there any mention of material, or why it would be assigned to a dubious
 tooth taxon? (Of course, it wasn't considered as such in 1984, I guess.) >>

I happen to know this is a synonym of Becklespinax altispinax, since it is 
based on the same type specimen (the series of three vertebrae with very tall 
neural spines that Huene provisionally referred to the tooth taxon).