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Re: Dinosaur Genera List corrections #127

In a message dated 12/13/99 10:41:39 PM EST, tmk@dinosaur.umbc.edu writes:

<< Shouldn't these be emended to _C._ willisobrieni and _E._ philtippetti,
 since they're honoring individuals? Again, any mention of material? I have
 an "_Elaphrosaurus_ sp." from Colorado listed on my website -- is that the
 same as _E._ philtippetti/philtippettorum? >>

Again, I happen to know that the names honor everyone at the Willis O'Brien 
shop (not just Willis O'Brien himself) and the people at the Phil Tippett 
studio. So the -orum ending is correct. Unfortunately, however, I don't know 
just which specimens Pickering has named. Remember, this is a nomen nudum 
from a bibliography. Tracy lists a skull as part of the type material of C. 
willisobrienorum--I think it's the big skull that has been kicking around 
Colorado and/or Utah awaiting a description. The Elaphrosaurus sp. specimen 
is a humerus at the Smithsonian (USNM 8415) noted by Peter Galton in 1982. 
Maybe it is E. philtippettorum, maybe not. Nomina nuda are quite frustrating,