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RE: Gobi digs and other things

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> Sent: Monday, December 13, 1999 8:46 PM
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> Subject: Gobi digs and other things
> I was just wondering...
> how on earth does one prepare for a dig to the gobi, or some 
> other far away, harsh environment?

If you want to know this you simply must read "Dinosaurs of the Flaming
Cliffs" by Michael Novacek (illustrated by Ed Heck, paperback: Anchor
Books/Doubleday; ISBN: 0385477759). It not only describes the dinosaurs
found there by the expeditions lead by Novacek, but also tells you a lot
about the day to day happenings during the expeditions and also the
preparations that were taken before each one. However, it does tend to stick
more to logistics, not to "personal preparation" as much, what you seem to
be asking for. Nonetheless, I recently finished it and thought it a great

Met vriendelijke groeten,
Jarno Peschier (Jarno.Peschier@Getronics.com)