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Re: Gobi digs and other things

I was just wondering...
how on earth does one prepare for a dig to the gobi, or some other far away,
harsh environment?

>>Get to know the enviroment. As far as I know the Gobi desert is a stoney 
>>desert which is elevated. You should prepare
>>for it with good clothing (windbreaker kind of stuff). You should also know 
>>what kind of weather it will be there 
>>during your stay and what kind of problems to expect.

I was thinking I should exercise a lot, and probably try to eat a really
healthy diet to build up endurance and just try and get healthier...
But is that all one can do?

>>No. Read books about basic survival e.g. 'The SAS handbook of survival' by 
>>John Wiseman.

Are there any specific foods or exercises or other things I should do if I
plan on going on a dino/prehistoriclifeform dig out in the middle of

>>Also be mentally prepared. If you have knowledge about what can happen and 
>>what you can expect and know how to handle
>>unexpected situations there is less danger of getting injured or whatever.

I figure it's best to start working on this now :) that way I'll have plenty
of time to be in shape and all that so I'll eventually be able to go on a

>>You are correct. Start preparing now. Do not forget to exercise 'lack of 
>>sleep'. A lot of people have trouble with
>>working in stressfull situations with a lack of sleep. This can be very 
>>disorientating and can have very unexpected
>>effects. Exercise in that too.

Has anyone here ever been to the gobi?

>>Well, I haven't, but I used to be a Marine (Reconnaisonce) and I had survival 
>>training. I also did a few survivaltrips
>>in my sparetime. I only can advise what I know and have been instructed.

If so, what's it like?
are there any other out of the way, sorta "wild/nautral" places like the
gobi that could possibly have fossils?
Thanks :) :)

>>Antarctica, Spitsbergen, Sahara. I guess a lot of places.

-Jessica W.

>>If you want I can copy the chapters about desertsurvival for you. Just let me 
>>know if you need any more information.
>>Bert Dol

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