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PALEONEWS:Kalasin Province to Build First Jurassic Museum

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Kalasin Province to Build First Jurassic Museum

BANGKOK (Dec. 14) XINHUA - Thai northeastern province of Kalasin is
speeding up the construction of the first dinosaur museum in Thailand,
according to U.N. official press release of the Government Public
Relations Department available here Tuesday. 

The Province's Governor Chairat Mapraneed was quoted as saying that the
project is aimed to create a new tourist attraction and to promote
Kalasin Province. 

He said Kalasin is one of the northeastern provinces that the fossils of
dinosaurs have been found. At least two kinds of dinosaur such as
Sauropods which ate plants and Cornosaurs which ate meat have been dug
up in the northeast region.  

Officials of Kalasin Province and the Mineral Resources Department have
cooperated to establish the dinosaur museum at Wat Sahawan Pookunkhao,
in Sahadsakun district. They intend to keep every piece of dinosaur
fossils which have been found in Thailand. 

The museum nicknamed, "Jurassic Park," occupies about 200 rai (about 32
hectares) of land in a mountainous area. There will be 50 models of
pre-historic animals and other objects of interest such as the ancient
houses of Pue Thai tribes. 

The museum is being set up as the first Jurassic Museum in Thailand to
attract local and foreign tourists, the press release noted. 

The initial budget for the project is about 100 million baht ( about 2.6
million U.S. dollars), it added. 
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