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Re: Finds of the year, decade, century, millennium.....

Find of the year, I'd say was Sinornithosaurus millenii or one of those
feathered critters that just turned up.  After all they vied for a place in
our "all-time most important feathered finds" thread recently.
Decade has to go to Scipionyx, no doubt - anything that reveals previously
uncharted fossil ground has got to come pretty high in fact I might even
nominate it for millenium, in which case I'd go for that recent mammoth
discovery for decade instead (we are talking paleo not dino, right?
Century?  You got me there.  It wouldn't be the first dino ever found
because if not that then another one would've been and that's about luck,
not great finds for their own sake.  How would we judge this - most talked
about?  In which case it's probably Sue or the Velociraptor and
Protoceratops locked in combat.  I know I'd vote for the former, but that's
my T rex bias.

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> Group,
> For my website I will soon be posting a feature focusing on the paleo
finds of the year, decade, century, and of course millennium (okay, I guess
I copied the cheesy pattern that everyone is following during this year of
millennium fever).
> Anyway, I was just interested in all of your opinions on the paleo finds
of the year, decade, century, and millennium.
> The decisions posted on the site will not be entirely mine, by the way,
but will be decided by a panel of paleo fans from around the globe.  Stay
tuned for my next tacky site update....
> Steve
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