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Chatterjee's New _Protoavis_ Monograph

Hi All -

        As was revealed the other day, Chatterjee's new monograph is out in
_Palaeontographica Abt. A_.  For those of you interested, I sent an inquiry
to the publisher of the journal (E. Schweizerbart'ische) to see if it was
possible to obtain a copy of the issue (_Palaeontographica_ reprints are
inordinately expensive, so I thought I'd check at the source), and here's
the abridged version of what I got:

Thank you very much for your e-mail dated December 17, 1999 and your
in our publications.

We are pleased to offer you the following issue of Palaeontographica, Abt.

Palaeontographica, Abt. A, volume 254, Lieferung 1-3
(= Chatterjee, Sankar: Protoavis and the early evolution of birds, with
10 plates, 38 figures and 12 tables in the text)
Price: DM 253,00

You may order by e-mail or fax. 

E. Schweizerbart'sche Verlagsbuchhandlung (Naegele u. Obermiller)
Gebr. Borntraeger Verlagsbuchhandlung 
Science Publishers
Johannesstrasse 3 A                Phone: +49 (0)711 625001   
70176 Stuttgart                    Fax:   +49 (0)711 625005
Germany                            e-mail: mail@schweizerbart.de

I then checked at the best on-line currency converter I know
(http://www.xe.net/ucc/) and discovered that DM253 is presently equivalent
to US$130.36 (check the site for other currencies).  Just FYI.         

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