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RE: Michael Matheny of the Tinker team speaks out on www.kidrex.com (was re: Tyrannosaurid ontogeny)

At 01:25 PM 12/20/99 -0500, you wrote: 
>> "Tinker is the same size as an adult Nano".  An interesting comment, given
>> that our one and only specimen has juvenile bone texture!  Regardless of
>> whether or not _Nanotyrannus_ is a juvenile _T. rex_ or not, the only known
>> skull of _Nanotyrannus_ is of a juvenile.  If it is a distinct taxon, we do
>> not know its adult size. 

It is also about 40% of the length of an adult T. rex.  This new specimen is
claimed to be anywhere from 60% (Matheny's recent statement) to 67% (2/3 on
website) the size of an adult T. rex.  Like I said, in the 20-25% growth
between these two, a lot of changes could take place.  I really want to see
more than what they have released before I am willing to believe their claims
over Carr's recent (and really cool) article.

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