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Re: Michael Matheny of the Tinker team ...

On Sun, 19 Dec 1999 23:30:31 -0800, martin.barnett3@virgin.net wrote:

> Following our brief, yet inciteful discussions of the Tinker story 
> here on the list, I posted my concerns on the website's notice-board, 
> hoping for a response.  At 11:44 this morning it arrived.  This is what 
> he said: 

I am not familiar with Mr. Matheny's academic or paleontological
qualifications, and although he identifies himself as a member of
the Tinker team, he is not listed under the team profile   His caption
in the talk section says "junior member."  Since our list is insistent
on citing sources rather than speculating, it would be helpful to 
know more about Mr. Matheny's expertise for answering questions 
about a possible juvenile _T. rex._, especially since the site is also 
aimed at teachers.