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Historical project- data on C.S. Price needed.

 As part of my ongoing search and identification of unidentified "mystery quarries" in Dinosaur Provincial Park, Alberta, Canada, I have found it necessary to also research and identify the cooks and fieldworkers who assisted on each expedition. Once I have their name and identified their appearance, I can look for them in otherwise unidentified historical fieldwork pictures and thus date the picture and, in turn, possibly identify the quarry they are in. This methodology has worked on numerous ocassions.
 Several times in the past I ran a similar queries thru this discussion list and always got hot leads which did eventually help identify one site and some archival photographs, so I try again here. Perhaps a search engine will also link onto this request and the C.S. Price name and someone out there doing genealogical research will read this.
 I am looking for information on Clayton S. Price. He was the cook and field assistant on the Barnum Brown American Museum of Natural History expedition to Dinosaur Provincial Park in 1914. He may have also cooked for the Sternberg's when they worked in Alberta, but this is unconfirmed at present. Born in Iowa (date and place unknown), lived in Sheridan, Wyoming 1886-March, 1908, then the entire family moved to Alberta, Canada. It seems he moved a lot between Alberta and the United States after that, but he did live a short time in the Rumsey/Rowley district north of Drumheller, Alberta. "Clate" was an accomplished artist and made over 700 paintings in his lifetime- 2 of which are (were?) hanging in the White House as recently as 1982. His paintings were of a western theme- cowboys, cattle round-ups, horses, wagons, etc., in the same style as famous American painter Charlie Russell. He signed his works as: C.S. Price. Clayton Price died in 1949 but I don't know where- probably in the USA.
 Of especial interest was a comment in a Rumsey-Rowley local history book that says the following about him: "He always had his sketch pad and pencil in his hand as the raft floated down the river". This tells me that he did drawings as Brown's flatboat went down the Red Deer River. Where are these sketch pads and drawings today? Who knows. If found they could provide a wealth of historical data. The Price family left Alberta in 1918 and some of them may have ended up in Washington State, USA. I tried the Internet for any of his pictures, biographical data or family history but keep getting sites on Charlie Russell or contemporary western artists.
 Can you help?
Darren Tanke, Tech. I
Dinosaur Research Program
Royal Tyrrell Museum of Paleontology
Drumheller, AB, Canada
Senior Editor, Paleopathology and Recent
Dento-Osteopathology Bibliography; see homepage
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