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Hey People,
Seasons Greetings.

In my Archaeology class, we learned the importance of Context when dealing with archaeological finds, and about recording it everywhich-way,upside-down & sideways with radar and god only knows what else. >:)
So, I was wondering, is context important in paleontology,too? I'ven't heard much about recording of it, but I think some of the methods would be simmilar to those used in archaeology....
So How important is context in Paleontology?
What about fossils is recorded before they take it up from the ground?- most shows would make one believe they just yank it out, write the general locality, and make a diagram and label how it was....(I highly doubt this is the case).
Archaeology just got me thinking;I'm in no hurry, just curious. Feel free to take your time.
Jessica W.

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