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Illustrations on Kid-rex and other stuff

Many thanks to Greg Tarallo (the webmaster) for including a couple of pics from my art gallery in his art section, including my latest - Tinker portrait and my lifesize mural of Kathleen Wankel's rex (Comments and criticisms anyone?) plus a chance to take a peek at old muggins here:
Also, for those not familiar with my ever-growing web-site - "Dinosaur Cornucopia", please visit
(last updated 20/12/99)  Coming soon:  Skeletal reconstructions in books - a resource for palaeoartists.
Lastly, Grant Harding, if you're reading this, what's your E-mail address?  Whenever I hit the reply button to one of your E-mails all I ever get is "@cyberus.ca" and the message always comes back to me unsent.
Really lastly, honest!  Were there conifers and redwoods in the Ukhaa Tolgod ecology?