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Re: Books on early reptilian evolution

Robert Karn wrote:

<I would like my students to get a better background
in early reptilian evolution, particularly that period
where the first dinosaurs appeared upon the scene.  
My question is:  can anyone recommend a book(s) that
covers this area and that would be appropriate for
undergraduate university students?>

  The best I can think of are Romer, 1956 and 1966
(Osteology of the Reptiles and Vertebrate
Paleontology) and Carroll, 1988 (Vertebrate Evolution
and Paleontology) which are general books on the
subject with loads of references, though they kinda
steer the direction of the book towards their
interpretations, and in Carroll at least, little
mention is made of alternative phylogenies. But as I
am more familiar with early _tetrapod_ works (no
books, really) and workers like Per Ahlberg and
Jennifer Clack as well as dinos and to a third degree,
pterosaurs, I have little to add.

Jaime "James" A. Headden

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