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Searching Info

 Hi people!

 I have a big request to everyone of you. I'm searching for information about 
all kinds of prehistoric and recent animals, plants and other life-forms. I 
search for info about species, families, orders and so on, but also some of 
scientists, museums, areas with fossil founds and every other stuff.

 The info will later be available at leximail@mysterias.de. This e-mail-adress 
will be on the net from January, 31st 2000. Then, you can request there for 
every information you want in English or German and you will get it within 
days for 10 Pfennig (5 cents) each request. Hopefully, it soon will get cheaper 
when Mysterias gets a cheaper internet provider.

 This 5 cents are only for compensate the webcosts of Mysterias. That's why we 
can't pay you for that, but you will get fame, glory and honor.

 Please send your information to the adress you can see above till I give out 
another message that corrects anything said in this mail. You can also ask 
there, which entries I already have and till the starting of 
leximail@mysterias.de, you can get all info for free by my adress.

 Please publish this message on your website and tell people you know and that 
could be interested in that.

 If someone is interested in sending info,but haven't got an e-mail adress, 
please send it per snail mail to:

 Thomas Diehl
 Aktienstrasse 28
 41069 Munchengladbach

 Read ya, Tom

 Symag - The magazine for celebrated stupidism in the net

 Deutsche Ausgabe ab dem 1. 2. 2000 unter www.mysterias.de/symag-d
 English edition starting at May, 1st 2000 at www.mysterias.de/symag-e
 L'Édition francaise commence à 1er Août 2000 (peut-être) à 
www.mysterias.de/symag-f (nous cherchons un font avec le cédille sans une 
pour trouve ce)