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<Does anyone out there know the Latin translation of
<Megazostrodon rudnerae (a late Triassic, African, 
triconodont mammal) <and also, perhaps, when and by whom 
it was first described?
<Thanks Dan

Megazostrodon Crompton & Jenkins, 1968 "large girdle 
tooth" (Greek mega "large + Greek zostros (zoster) "gridle 
[cingulum]" + Greek odon "tooth")"in reference to the 
large external cingula of the upper molars." The specific 
name refers to Mrs. Ione Rudner, who found the specimen in 
1966--thus "Rudner's large girdle tooth".

Crompton, A.W. and Jenkins, F.A., Jr., 1968. Molar 
occlusion in Late Triassic mammals. Biological Reviews.