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Re: Dinosaur Rangers TV show?

Erk...I hope you don't mean "Return of the Dinosaurs"...a godawful dub of a
Japanese kiddies anime show with animated human characters and stop-motion
animated dinosaurs (a sauropod mother and hatchling, allosaurus and a
tyrannosaurus which for some reason was wandering around the central

If so...then yeah I remember that one...the story was some earth-grazing
comet's gravitational field "dragging up" ancient flora/fauna thriving
beneath the Earth's surface then a team of stereotypical anime do-gooders
goes around trying to save the dinos from climate change/poachers. Oh
god...it was AWFUL...I still remember the mother brontosaur fending off the
allosaur by headbutting it in the guts...

well thanks a lot! (fume)

>Has anyone ever heard of a TV show broadcast in Australia during the
>1980's called something like "Dinosaur Rangers?"
>Had these rangers rounding up wandering dinos, etc. etc. in some sort of
>post-apocalyptic world.
>Ring any bells?
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