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Re: Cloning prehistoric animals...

I still think Quaggas are way cooler than any ol' hairy elephant ever
I'd raterh we try cloning a quagga than yet another elephant species


dbensen wrote:
> I think that, if we do clone mammoths (a process of which I am rather
> skeptical, we might get something that _looked_ like a mammoth, but it would
> always be mostly an elephant) they will have very, very little impact on
> anything natural.  I doubt that, even if we could clone a sufficiant number of
> genetically differing individuals to start up a gene pool, they could be
> re-introduced anywhere.  The processes that drove them to extinction (man and
> global warming) are worse than ever and I doubt they could find a niche to
> call their own.  Therefor, mammoths would have little value other than as
> novelties.  I think work should be made cloning extinct polinating insects,
> the lack of which is driving many plant species into extinction.

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