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Re: Cloning prehistoric animals...

> I still think Quaggas are way cooler than any ol' hairy elephant ever
> was....
> I'd rather we try cloning a quagga than yet another elephant species
> -Betty

I don't know...  Quaggas - they're cute and all, but the pilot cloning of a
prehistoric mammal if it happens (I secretly think it will, he said to over
600 people) is going to be an expensive one, regardless of the cost-saving
techniques in the long run or even in mark 2.  For that first one, I really
like to clonesomething odd!  A platybelodon perhaps, or even an
Indricotherium.  Indricotherium would make for an interesting study for
future research in that if ever dinosaur cloning should someday become
possible, we would have some idea of the implications of releasing a very
large extinct herbivore into the wild before we did it.


Merry what-nots to one and all by the way!