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Re: Dinosaur TV Problem

Larry Dunn wrote:

>Also, for those who've asked, and others, Dinosaur TV
>Week has been sabotaged by Y2K.  ETV, the electronic
>TV database I download every week specifically for
>this purpose, sent me an upgrade to fix any Y2K
>glitches.  Well, I dutifully downloaded it and now ETV
>does not work at all.  Will hopefully fix when I get

In place of that is this welcome news:

Saturday, January 1 2000

National Geographic (Asia), 8:00pm Hong Kong/Manila (+8 GMT)
(I forgot the title)
A discussion about _Archaeoraptor liaoningnensis_ and _Sinornithosaurus
millenii_ by Stephen and Sylvia Czerkas and Xu Xing. I think Christopher
Sloan is also here. Basically it's a take-off of the November 1999 article.

Also check out this related URL:
http://www.nationalgeographic.com/dinorama/feathered.html, which includes a
QuickTime movie of _Sinornithosaurus millenii_ as Brian Colley's model is
rotated 360 degrees.

Raymond Thaddeus C. Ancog
Mines and Geosciences Bureau