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new JVP Rahonavis beta keratine article...

ok, so after reading the JVP article by Mary Schwietzer on the molecular
studies of tissue found on the claw of Rahonavis, I'm left with the odd
feeling that I'm not really sure what the article resolved...

if a molecular signature of beta keratine can be recognised in the heavy
mineralization that has occured, can't we just say that we find evidence
of beta keratine?  What data or comments am I missing from the article
that would keep us from making this statement?
What additional tests could be done to further refine this molecular
signature?  Are they simply variations of what Mary had chosen as best
possible test series already?  The article commented that further tests
might help refine the data further but that there simply isn't
additional material to do these tests ON.

It was a heavy-progress article but I'm not sure I got everything it was
trying to say.

-Betty Cunningham

Flying Goat Graphics
(Society of Vertebrate Paleontology member)