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RE: *Ovoraptor* Was It's Name-O!


OSBORN, H.F, (1923). Two Lower Cretaceous dinosaurs from Mongolia. Amer. Mus. 
Novitates 95, 1-10
See http://www.dinodata.net/Refs/OSBORN.htm.

Fred has done his usual incredibly thorough job assembling the references for 
just such questions.

  --Toby White

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On Thursday, December 30, 1999 6:43 PM, Jaime A. Headden 
[SMTP:qilongia@yahoo.com] wrote:
> Okay,
>   I've pretty much given up finding the citation or
> even a reference to this paper?/article?, but Osborn
> apparently mentioned the names of two new theropods
> from Mongolia (*Ovoraptor djadokhtari* and
> *Fenestrosaurus mongoliensis*) in a short announcement
> in 1923, then later published them as *Velociraptor
> mongoliensis* and *Oviraptor philoceratops*, along
> with *Saurornithoides mongoliensis*, in 1924. However,
> I cannot find this reference, and if any of you out
> there can possibly find this, have this, or what not,
> please contact me offlist. I need this for historical
> purposes, and it would be nice to know why Osborn
> suggested Veloci went after eggs in the first place.
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