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ANNOUNCING: Paleo find of the millennium, century, decade, and year!!!

As several of you know, during the past two weeks I have arranged and conducted 
an international panel of 22 experts, including 6 paleontologists, paleo 
authors (including Don Lessem), paleo artists, paleo webmasters, and paleo 
buffs and had them vote for the paleo find of the year, decade, century, and 

Well, the votes are in!!!!  Some of them might surprise you, but I would like 
to invite each and every one of you to view the polling results.  After all, 
this is the only panel of its type, and the winner of this voting will for now 
on be known as the paleo discovery of the millennium, etc.!!!! :-))

Well, I want some PR for my website, so I won't post the results here (just 
yet, I guess). So, to check out the results of my international panel of 
experts, please go to:

Have a safe, happy, and Y2K compliant new millennium!!

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