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Re: Loch Ness

email from Scotland - Home of Nessie.

Sorry if I am a bit behind the times here, but I have had a terrible 
cold and also had a baby girl since New Year.

Loch Ness is actually along the line of a very ancient fault line and 
could have been a valley at the time of the plesiosaurs.  However, it 
would have been a rather dry valley high up in a mountain range for a 
good bit of the time.  Since then, yes, the ice has gouged the valley 
deep and no self respecting extinct animal would fight that and 

The likely beast is a sturgeon which can grow (if I am correct) to 
lengths of over 100ft in some Russian rivers.  Any biologists' 

Neil 'Jurassic' Clark
Hunterian Museum
email: dinosaur@museum.gla.ac.uk