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Re: _Acrocanthosaurus_ skull

At 11:47 PM 2/1/99 -0600, Jack Conrad wrote:
>Hello all!
>I found a photo on the net of what is supposed to be the skull of
>_Acrocanthosaurus_.  I know that the skeleton described by Dr. Harris last
>year lacked most of the skull.  Also, I found the photo on a page selling
>stuff (won't say who or where, don't know if that's appropriate) and so
>don't know if it is based on a real find or not.  I'm sure the answer is
>obvious, I just don't know.  

Yeah, there is a real, excellent skull of _Acrocanthosaurus_: a specimen
prepared by the Black Hills Institute and now in the collections of the
North Carolina State Museum of Natural History.  A description of the
material is in process by a couple of the top theropod workers around (not
me, though).

Skull length is 1290 mm: a HUGE beast.  A cast of the skull is already on
display at the BHI and at the Academy of Natural Sciences in Philadelphia
(maybe elsewhere, too).

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