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Re: Loch Ness

Folks, folks,
This here is cryptozoology pure and simple.
Isn't there a better place for this?
Are sturgeons related to dinos? Or am I missing something.
I mean if Nessie could supply Beluga (or Nessa) caviar,  then us paleo
types might be more interested.


Joseph Daniel wrote:

> dinosaur@museum.gla.ac.uk wrote:!
> >
> > The likely beast is a sturgeon which can grow (if I am correct) to
> > lengths of over 100ft in some Russian rivers.  Any biologists'
> > comment?
> 100 ft? Um, no. The sturgeon is a big'un to be sure. Lengths of 20 ft +
> are not unheard of, but no way in Hades do they get that big. I don't
> have any experience with Russian rivers but I can't imagine they are so
> much bigger than U.S. sturgeons.
> Joe Daniel

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