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Martini (was RE: Integumentary blues)

 majestic_cheese@yahoo.com (Larry Dunn) wrote:

---Adam Yates <A.Yates@zoo.latrobe.edu.au> wrote:

>>Larry Dun wrote:
>>> How, then, can one simply and pithily describe the integumentary
>>> structures observed on the two specimens of tiny Yixian dinosaur
>>> _Sinosauropteryx prima_?

> > Integumentary filaments? Hopefully this term will not imply any
> > hypothesis of homology.

> Integumentary filaments?  Whoa!  Good gravy, that's "simple and
> pithy?"  What I mean is something that won't make a puppy cock its
> head in that funny way when you say it.

I call it "martini".

Etym.:  (Latinized English).  "Larry Martin's".

n. 1. Any fossilized fibrous structures eminating from the body outlines
of skeletons of non-avian theropod dinosaurs that are preserved in slabs
of rock. 2. An alcohol-containing drink.

Used in a sentence:  "After the Dream-Team analysed the martini of the
_Sinosauropteryx prima_ specimen, they all went down to a local Bejing
pub and ordered a round of martinis."