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Re: Dinofest 1999 in Baltimore!!!!!! <maybe>

Regarding Maryland dinos, I apologize if this subject has already been
beaten to death, but regarding large, _Brachiosaurus_-like sauropods from
eastern North America:

Is it _Pleurocoelus_ or _Astrodon_?  How many species?

Just how well-known is/are this/these species?  I.e. what material is

Do these species show specific affinities with _Brachiosaurus_, or do they
simply resemble it in a general way?  What are the prospects for a
monophyletic Brachiosauridae (_Brachio_, ?_Giraffatitan_,
?_Pleurocoelus_/_Astrodon_, ?_Sonorasaurus_, ?_Pelorosaurus_,
??_Bothriospondylus_, ??_Damalasaurus_, others?)--or are these all just
basal titanosauriforms, showing no particular exclusive affinity among

Nick Pharris
Pacific Lutheran University
Tacoma, WA 98447