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Re: NYT Follow-up on Scipionyx

On Thu, 4 Feb 1999, Larry Dunn wrote:

> Following up on the article in last week's Science Times on Scipionyx
> the turbocharged coldblood, here's a letter from Julian Kane to the
> Science Times on the article (copyright in The New York Times, of
> course).
>                     *  *  *
> If the unidentified structure actually is a fossilized heart, careful
> analysis of its interior may reveal whether it is four-chambered, as
> are all living warmblooded vertebrates (birds and mammals), or
> three-chambered, as are all living coldblooded reptiles (crocodiles,
> lizards, snakes and lizards). 

Don't crocodylians have four-chambered hearts (making it an archosaurian

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