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Re: NYT Follow-up on Scipionyx

Hi Dinolisters,

Ah, there's something wrong here....

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From: Larry Dunn <majestic_cheese@yahoo.com>
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Sent: Friday, February 05, 1999 2:36 AM
Subject: NYT Follow-up on Scipionyx

>Following up on the article in last week's Science Times on Scipionyx
>the turbocharged coldblood, here's a letter from Julian Kane to the
>Science Times on the article (copyright in The New York Times, of
>                    *  *  *
>Dissecting Dinosaur Theory
>To the Editor:
>The remarkable baby Scipionyx dinosaur fossil showing well-preserved
>internal organs ("Turning Dinosaur Theory on Its Paleobiological
>Tail," Jan. 26) may help resolve the debate over whether dinosaurs
>were warmblooded or cold-blooded
>What appears to be a heart is located in the photograph forward of an
>organ identified as a preserved liver.
>If the unidentified structure actually is a fossilized heart, careful
>analysis of its interior may reveal whether it is four-chambered, as
>are all living warmblooded vertebrates (birds and mammals), or
>three-chambered, as are all living coldblooded reptiles (crocodiles,
>lizards, snakes and lizards).
Three chambers in crocs? Sorry. Wrong. FOUR chambers with a valve between
two to let them mix the blood while the croc is underwater. Allows the croc
to use almost all the oxygen in its blood before resurfacing for a breath -
that and some tricks in croc haemoglobin.

>Short of finding some temperature-indicating structure in fossils and
>modern vertebrates that has not yet been discovered (Jurassic
>thermometers are highly unreliable) the tell-tale fossil heart of an
>extinct dinosaur may finally end the dinosaur body-temperature
>Great Neck, N.Y.
Sorry. Probably wrong on that score. So far all the [other] data saying
"cold-blooded" dinos has been shown to be wrong or ambiguous, like some of
the data usually marshalled saying "warm blooded". The issue is still open.
No case closed yet.

>"You are interested in the unknown, the mysterious, the unexplainable --
that is why you are here.  And now, for the first time, we are bringing you
the full story of what happened ... on that fateful day."
So why the post Larry?