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     As previously announced, there will be a short symposium on vertebrate 
     paleobiology as part of the North-Central Section of GSA's meeting in 
     Champaign, Illinois, on April 22-23.  This message is to let everyone 
     know about the presentations that will be given:
     M.P. Rowe.  Phylogenetic bracketing and ecological analogies as bases 
     for inferences on visual capabilities of past life with specific 
     reference to dinosaur color vision
     G.F. Engelmann, D.J. Chure, and A.R. Fiorillo, Dry climate adaptations 
     of the dinosaur fauna of the Upper Jurassic Morrison Formation
     M.F. Bonnan, Pedal locomotion in sauropod dinosaurs
     R.A. Hengst, Estimating dinosaur breathing capacities from experiments 
     with living vertebrates
     R.L. Anemone, Extraordinary assemblage of _Omomys_ fossils from the 
     Bridger C, Uinta Co, WY: hindlimb morphology and positional behavior 
     A short program, perhaps, but one that looks very interesting.  Y'all