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Fwd: Archosauromorph Questions

My reply was supposed to go out to the dinosaur list but I clicked the wrong
button and sent Larry's original post instead. Sorry about that.
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In a message dated 2/5/99 3:32:47 PM EST, larryf@capital.net writes:

<< "Protorosaurus" (the dinosaur). Is this sort of stuff legal in taxonomy (I
 mean two beasts with the same name), ...or did somebody just spell something
 wrong? >>

 _Protorosaurus_ was coined in 1914 by Lawrence Lambe for a ceratopian
dinosaur that he considered to be the ancestor of Marsh's _Torosaurus_ (hence
the name, as pro-Torosaurus). Unfortunately, the prefix "protoro" (also
"protero," as in Proterozoic) itself means "early," and it had already been
used by von Meyer in 1830 for a fossil reptile that he thought was an "early
lizard." When Lambe found out that his name was preoccupied, he quickly
published a short note with the replacement name _Chasmosaurus_, meaning
"lizard with holes," for the fenestrae in the frill.

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