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Ray Stanford, Claimed Alien Contacts, and Credentialing Issues (Part 2 of 2)

Ray Stanford, Claimed Alien Contacts, and Credentialing Issues 
(Part 2 of 2) (LONG)

[This material is being posted in two parts, both being sent to the list
server at
the same time.  This is Part Two.  Please read Part One first; it is titled,
Stanford, Time Travel, and Dinosaur Footprints."]

As explained in Part One, dino footprint collector Ray Stanford of Maryland
was the leader of the Association for the Understanding of Man (AUM)
during the 1970s.  During purported trances, Stanford "channeled" elaborate
messages that were attributed to archangels, Jesus, aliens, and ostensibly
spiritual beings called "Brothers," as well as his own "unconscious and
superconscious mind."  Stanford also ran "Project Starlight International," a
division of AUM that purported to investigate UFOs "scientifically."  

In 1998, passing references to Stanford's involvement with UFOs appeared in
two postings on this list. Larry Dunn asked (22 July 1998), "Are you the
same Ray Stanford from Texas who was waiting for the UFOs in the 1970s?" 
Dan Varner then commented (24 July) with approval on what he understood
to be Stanford's "scientific study of extraterrestrial life."  

Stanford responded (24 July 1998) very negatively to both postings, virtually
demanding the immediate extinction of the thread.  He wrote:  "I HAVE
[emphasis in original]  My studies are only an instrumented search for any
UFO PHYSICS that might be monitored during observation of seemingly
anomalous sky objects.  I have long stressed that the project is simply a
straight-forward study of physics and has no data that would point to any
specific area of origin (whether terrestrial, extra-terrestrial, or even from
speculative 'realm' incomprehensible to us).  Now, Larry, if you, privately,
have some knowledge that UFOs have an extra-terrestrial origin, fine.  Post
that to one of the many UFO-fan lists, they'd eat it with a spoon."

Well, Stanford should know -- he has a long history of "spoon-feeding" just
such material to various groups of UFO enthusiasts.  I have no knowledge of
what UFO-related activities Stanford may be pursuing today -- but the
disclaimers quoted above certainly are inconsistent with his past writings
(many of which are available to me in the private collection to which I
referred in Part One of this posting).  

CLAIMED ALIEN CONTACTS:  In 1958, Stanford authored a book, titled
LOOK UP, filled with detailed, extravagant accounts of his repeated close
encounters with UFOs and communications with their occupants, who he
called "the space people."  During the 1960s and 1970s, Stanford's published
"psychic readings" included discourses from a group of UFO-operating
extraterrestrials called "The Watchers" (they identified themselves
individually with names such as "Aramda" and "a planet keeper").

In addition, Stanford's published "readings" repeatedly exhorted his followers
to regard Project Starlight as being of worldshaking importance precisely
because its ultimate mission was to make physical contact with UFO-
operating aliens (i.e., alien races other than the already-acquainted
"Watchers").  For example, in a "reading" published in 1973, the entranced
Stanford said, "Project Starlight International can grow to the point where it
may be recognized worldwide for its work, its endeavor and even success in
the ideals discussed and in communication with extraterrestrial civilizations.