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Re: Ray Stanford, Time Travel, and Dinosaur Footprints

clipped from "dinosaur mailing list administrative message"
"8.  Things not to do and what will happen if you do them"
        d) Flaming
"  That is, if you send in a message
  such as one which contains nothing but an attack against another
  person on the list, you can expect to receive a time out.  A second
  such offense may get you removed from the list permanently. "

-----end clipping from dinosaur adminsistrivia list--------

SueSharPei@aol.com wrote:
> Ray Stanford, Time Travel, and Dinosaur Footprints(Part 1 of 2)(LONG)
> Ray Stanford, Claimed Alien Contacts, and Credentialing Issues 
> (Part 2 of 2) (LONG)

so my only question is-does this count as one offense or two?

-Betty Cunningham

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