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RE: [Sick Dinos]

  Hoping Darren Tanke will chime in on what seems to be one his his
areas of expertise:

Dwight Stewart wrote:

<Gout! OUCH!!! Isn't it true that signs of fairly advanced osteo
arthritis have also been found in certain fossils?>

  *Iguanodon* had osteoarthritis of the foot, in more than one
individual, and these occured as osteophytes of the metatarsals, at
the ankle (hock?) region. (Rothschild, 1997; Rothschild and Martin,

  Rothschild, B.M. Dinosaurian Paleopathology. p. 426-448. (in Farlow,
J.O. and Brett-Surman, M.K. _The Complete Dinosaur_ [Indiana
University Press]).

  Rothschild, B.M. and Martin, L. 1993. _Paleopathology_ [Telford
Press (Montclair, NJ)].

  Hope this helps.

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