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RE: [Sick Dinos]

It is very rare to find in birds Osteoarthritis, because their extremities
have a thick layer of hialine cartilage that ossifies only in senil
individuals. This isn't  the only factor, there are a lot of more, but I
think is an important one

Some dinos have epiphysys similar to chick, and that means that they had an
epiphyseal center that never ossified. That's why it is rare to find
arthritis in some of them. But, of course, not all of them have the same.
chick stage' arrangement.

More later

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>I've read the posts in this thread about diseases seen in the fossil
>remains of some dinosaurs (osteoarthritis, gout, osteomyelitis).
>My question is, what contemporary aniumals *don't* get such things? Do
>birds, for example, get gout?
>I'm interested in what these diseases say about the metabolism and
>physiology of the "victims".