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Non-dinos of OZ and NZ

I'm feeling curious, so I've got a couple of questions that hopefully
someone can help me with.

On page 146 of "Dinos of OZ and New Zealand" is a photo of a Pliosaur
simply captioned "New Queensland Pliosaurid". There seems to be no
mention of it in the text. Does anyone know if it has been published
or not? It seems remarkably complete (if it has not be restored).

Has the Molnar and Thulborn "Australian Anhanguera" paper been 
published in the journal 'Palaeontology' yet? Or am I being far too
optimistic (I'm still waiting for Qantassaurus after a year or so).

        Dann Pigdon
        GIS Archaeologist
        Melbourne, Australia

        Australian Dinosaurs: