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Re: Symposium on Vertebrate Paleobiology

In a message dated 2/5/99 3:44:34 PM Eastern Standard Time, 
Farlow@IPFW.EDU writes:

>       As previously announced, there will be a short symposium on 
>          vertebrate paleobiology as part of the North-Central Section of 
>       GSA's meeting in Champaign, Illinois, on April 22-23.  This 
>       message is to let everyone 
>       know about the presentations that will be given:

>       M.P. Rowe.  Phylogenetic bracketing and ecological analogies as bases 
>       for inferences on visual capabilities of past life with specific 
>       reference to dinosaur color vision
Despite cleverly hiding behind initials, this is our own Mickey Rowe.
Regular list readers may have gotten a sneak preview of this information 
a couple of months ago.