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Re: Minmi

In a message dated 2/6/99 7:39:42 PM EST, pharrinj@plu.edu writes:

<< More precisely, what I meant was that I think _Minmi_
 is distinct enough that it does not belong in any other ankylosaur family
 and that it should not be shoehorned into the Nodosauridae, as is common
 practice. >>
Ralph Molnar and I agree that _Minmi_ is not a nodosaurid and that it doesn't
belong to any other ankylosaurian family, either. It might just be a derived
scelidosaurid (i.e., more closely related to _Scelidosaurus_ than to any other
ankylosaurian), but further study of the known material (now underway by
Ralph) is necessary before it can be properly classified. For now it is safest
to consider it Ankylosauria incertae sedis.