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FW: Ray Stanford, Time Travel, and Dinosaur Footprints (Part 1 of 2) (LONG)

Ray Stanford wrote...
<Listers,  please pardon this intrusion into personal matters.

      The intrusion came with the original posting.  While Ray's personal 
background may not be confidential information, if he wanted it dragged out 
into to open on the list he probably would have brought it up himself.  Ray has 
produced some fine words in his posting on restricting attacks to arguments, 
not individuals.   While the evidence and reasoning behind an argument can be 
examined and picked apart, using shoot from the hip psychology to attack people 
based on thier (inferred) motivations is pointless and wastes energy that could 
be spent discussing the validity (or lack thereof) of thier argument.  
      I remember the "_Deinosuchus_ trackway" exchange very well.  While the 
tone of Ray's response certainly irritated me (and probably partially inspired 
the dinosaur mailing list phylogeny I wrote shortly thereafter), his most 
recent posting makes it clear that he is capable of presenting an entirely 
rational, well supported, and well written rebuttal. 

LN Jeff