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Re: Non-dinos of OZ

 Dann Pigdon [Sun, 07 Feb 1999 08:30:59 +1100] asked about the "New
Queensland Pliosaurid" and  the Molnar and Thulborn "Australian Anhanguera"
paper.  Well, I can tell you that both are in the pipeline ... somewhere.

I'm working with Mary Wade on the pliosaur - which is near-intact and almost
perfectly articulated.  One paddle is incomplete distally, there's some
damage (weathering) along the underside of the mandibles, and the region of
one quadrate has collapsed.  Aside from those imperfections it's complete.
We're grappling with description and illustrations right now... but won't
predict date for publication.  When it does emerge you'll find it
interesting in several respects (not just phylogenetic).

The pterosaur ("Anhanguera"?) paper has already been through review and
editorial processes... which took more than 18 months.  Eventually the
manuscript came back for minor changes and request for serious (though
non-compulsory) re-think on our taxonomic verdict.  To undertake the latter
we are STILL trying to lay hands on some elusive literature.  One item, in
particular, is proving a pain:   I've requested it twice on interlibrray
loan... only to be told that it doesn;t exist or can't be found.  (Somewhat
irritating, as both Ralph and I have seen it and read it previously.)   If
anyone out there is willing to help in our search for a SMALL amount of
pterosaur literature, please contact me off-list.  Ralph and I will be
eternally grateful.

Back to the swamp....

Tony Thulborn