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Re: [Sick Dinos]: Pachyrhynosaurus pathology

According to the Dinofest '96 book, p.77, there is a Pachyrhynosaurus (RTMP
89.55.1234) with a cranial horn thrust injury. The authors, Rothschild and
Tanke, concluded that either an unknown ceratopsian is responsible, or a
Pachyrhynosaurus with an undiscovered nose horn is responsible. Rothschild and
Tanke ruled out the possibility of Pachyrhynosaurus frill horns being the
weapon used. They reported that "the tapering of frill horns is substantially
greater than that of the noted injury. Known Pachyrhynosaurus frill horns
could not penetrate to that depth, without a much wider base." There are
actually two injuries, one almost through the skull, and an adjacent injury
that did not penetrate as deep.
        They also noted that AMNH 3944 and NMNH 8897 have horn cores that fit 
injury, but they postdate RTMP 89.55.1234 by 3 million years! So the culprit
is as yet unknown. But, as savage as the attack was, RTMP 89.55.1234
apparently survived it only to die with the rest of the herd in a possible
mass-drowning. So this paleopathology reveals that dinosaurs were active,
fierce, and tough!

        Now, my question: I have the AMNH dinosaur book, and I can't find AMNH 
in it. So, what kind of ceratopsians are AMNH 3944 and NMNH 8897? Thanks a

Take care,