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I was impressed, nay, overwhelmed by Darren Tanke's authoritative posting 
on paleopathology. He mentions ticks. Could I ask him to evaluate the 
unforgettable "tickbird" scene in Dr. Bakker's docudrama (I guess you'd 
call it) Raptor Red? A lot of Raptor Red relates to the "Sick Dinosaurs" 
thread. I'm curious if anyone has written anything evaluating Raptor Red 
the way Judy Molnar evaluated the Crichton novels? I hate to pair 
Crichton and Bakker in the same sentence, just wondering. (And apologies 
if this has been extensively discussed.At glance at archives doesn't show 
it. In the past, I trudged dutifully through years of archives before 
asking such a question. But first, the search engine has crashed; and 
second, the entire discussion could appear under a title like "Is it 
snowing in Oregon?" :>

George J. Leonard, Ph.D.
Professor of Interdisciplinary Humanities
San Francisco State University