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FYI: eBay paleontology books

for those of you who may have never heard of eBay, it's an online
auction house with a searchable index.
some of the current titles that might interest people here:

Howard, Robert West; **THE DAWNSEEKERS: The 1st History of American
Paleontology** 1975, 1st Harcourt Brace Jovanovich, NY 4t0 Photo black
Dj, light wrinkling & small chip around edges, = cloth. Maps showing
major finds, 35 photos, many from the 19th Cent. Showing digs, labs &
famed paleontologists., Index, Bibliography. 

Paleontology Dinosaur Extinction Antartica        Item #64599510

Digging Into the Past is the autobiography of Edwin H. Colbert, former
chair of the Dept. of Vertebrate Paleontology at the American Museum of
Natural History. It's a very readable story that shares with the reader
the thrill of discovering a graveyard of early dinosaurs, the
identification of a tiny bone fossil that became the key to the
confirmation of the theory of continental drift, and his friendship with
scientific greats such as Henry Fairfield  Osborn and Roy Chapman
Andrews. His experienced insight into scientific controversies such as
dinosaur entinction make for fascinating reading.   There are many b&w
photos and a geological eras chart; illustrations by Colbert's wife,
Margaret, preced each chapter.

Kings of Creation: Book on Dinosaur Studies    Item #64436515

Don Lessem. Kings of Creation. Simon & Schuster, NY, 1992 (1st edition).
351pp, index. New information from scientists studying dinosaurs. B/w
     illustrations by John Sibbick. 


Fossil Collecting in Pennsylvania by Donald Hoskins. 215 page softcover
published by Pa. Geological Survey in 1988. Broken down by individual
     county and loaded with info and plates of the fossils to be found

THE GOBI DESERT by Cable & French. 1944 First    Item #63362984

THE GOBI DESERT by Mildred Cable with Francesca French.        1944, NY:
Macmillan First Printing

This book is the result of many years of travel as itinerant
missionaries over the Desert of  Gobi by Mildred Cable and her
companions Eva and Francesca French. Some of the prologue best describes
the contents of this extraordinary book. "We found the desert to be
unlike anything we had pictured. It had its terrors, but it also had its
compensating  pleasures...Once the spirit of the desert had caught us it
lured us on and we became learners in its severe school. The solitudes
provoked reflection, the wide space gave us a right sense of proportion
and the silences forbade triviality." The book is in near fine condition
with a small book label on the back inside board. It contains 303 pages
including a map and Key to Oasis names and a pull-out map at the end of
the book.   Frontispiece is of the Lake of the Crescent Moon and there
are two additional color   plates and Forty-eight black and white
photographic illustrations. TOTALLY  FASCINATING BOOK! 

^^^^ Books on Wyoming Geology ^^^^           Item #63762981

There are four paper-back books and three pamphlet type books in this
lot - ALL on the geology of Wyoming, ALL from the Wyo. Geological
Laramie, Wyoming. Paper-backs:..
FIRST: Thermal Springs of Wyo., Bulletin 60, by Roy Breckenridge & Bern
Hinckley, March 1978...
SECOND:   Minerals and Rocks of Wyoming, Bulletin 56, by Forrest Root,
Feb. 1977...
THIRD: Traveler's Guide to the Geology of Wyo., Bulletin 55, by D.L.
Blackstone, Jr., Nov. 1971...
FOURTH: A Field Guide to the Casper Mountain Area, 1978. The pamphlets
are as follows: Hints for Rock Hunting & Prospecting in Wyo., Field
Guide to Some Common Rocks and Minerals of Wyo., and Geology of Wyoming.
Each of these is about 16 pages long, all dated 1985. 

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