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Re: Follow-up on Lions of Savuti

>            Hmmm... Well so much for using that as an analogy for theropods
> predating adult sauropods. :-)

Presumably they'd have less trouble with juveniles.  Which is what I'd
expect them to go for, in any event.

>            Now, I'm NOT saying adult sauropods were never predated, it's
> simply difficult to believe that they were routinely predated.

We can't prove anything at all.  All of this is speculation, and can never
be anything but.  We still don't know what was up with the fighting dinos in
Mongolia, for example, and even though we know a hadrosaur healed wounds
from a tyrannosaur bite we still don't know how common active predation on
hadrosaurs by tyrannosaurs was.  We never will know these things, and the
best we can do is make reasonably informed guesses.
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