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Question To Ostrom Symposium Attendants.

My best wishes and good luck to all the Ostrom Symposium attendants...
despite my best efforts I won't be able to go.
In any case, many good questions will arise but a specially good one that I
would have liked to ask our favourite Oregon Team is this:
Since Archaeopteryx had virtually the same skeleton characteristics of
Scipionyx (only with bigger hands and other minor different details) and
since Scipionyx and Archaeopteryx have virtually the same dinosaurian
pelves we should assume that Archaeopteryx had also the diaphragm and
liver-pump breathing system of a crocodile (in words of the Oregon Team of
course, not mine)...where does this leave Archaeopteryx? After all
Archaeopteryx does unquestionably have flight feathers (a characteristic
that for Feduccia is vital to its characterization as the 'first bird').
Any takers?

Luis Rey

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